Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Now There's None!

Being a mom isn't that easy, but oh is it rewarding. Watching your baby girl, the last one in the nest
walk across the stage and receive her diploma is so rewarding, yet strange. Already so grown up and independent that I don't feel like she needs me at all, but also watching her crawl into my arms, crying like a baby when she realizes it is almost over and she has finally completed the struggle of what was high school for her.

I must accept the next step of this stage of life, so proud of the woman she is becoming, knowing that I have to trust in what I have taught her along the way will be enough. I pray that my prayerful influence and God's Word screams loud enough above the crowds trying to pull her away. I am so grateful for the time God has given me with KayCee, and for letting me be her mom.

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