About Because I Said So...

BECAUSE I SAID SO...! Oh man, I certainly was one of those children that hated hearing those words. I swore I would never, ever use them because to me it gave no REAL reason why. To me as a child, as a teenager, and even as a young adult, it was just a way of saying, "because I don't really want to deal with you, I don't want to give a reason, it is just because I am the boss and I said so." 

I realize this now, being over 40 years old, with children of my own, that are so close to being grown themselves; Yes, we love our children, WE ALWAYS WANT what is best for them, but sometimes, even though we have a hard time admitting it, we don't really know what that is either. Sometime, my will gets in the way of what God tells me I am supposed to do as well, sometimes I don't want to tell my children, "No" either, but God shows me along the lines of the Word of God, that I have to, that it has to be this way. 

Even though I don't like it, as a CHRISTIAN PARENT, I have to take the time in prayer and in the scriptures for myself, to seek God's face, to see where the Bible stands on an issue as well. Do I always agree or like the outcome or the answer I get, no, not always, but as a Child of God, I have to do what He is directing me to do as well. In my own lives, in my families best interest, and in the way I raise each child.

This "Because I Said So" blog series was born from all my life experiences as a wife, daughter, and mother, even though I don't always like or understand what God tells me to do, I know as His Child I must do what I am told, just as we expect our own children to do the same. We are our Children's living example of how to obey and how to build a strong relationship between our Heavenly Father and ourselves, but also how to build other relationships as well. When you spend your time running from God in disobedience, you will learn that God will discipline you, and your children do see and experience many of those disciplinary actions for themselves, because they are with you every step of the way in your life. They see how God handles a disobedient child in love, but also with a firm hand. 

We as parents can teach our children how to live a life with Christ and build a loving, life giving relationship with God too, but we have to be able to answer His call, even if His answer is only, "Do it my way, because I said so!"