Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Without a Vision, the People with Perish!

This saying came to my mind today. We have a vision for our ministry, we have a vision for our family, we have a vision for the church we attend, and even a vision for the community we live in. Not visions we came up with on our own, but ones we feel we were lead to by the Holy Spirit. God wants His Children to get a vision for what they are supposed to do for Him, how they are supposed to lead, or follow, and what God's will is for their lives.

Have you seen your vision yet? Has God shown you something and you just haven't figured out exactly what it is He has shown you? Are you working on your vision? Are you hiding your vision? Are you afraid, confused, or are you just waiting?

God has a plan for each one of us, but we can only know that plan through our own one-on-one relationship with Him. He wants to talk to you, teach you, lead you, and show you through the Bible, what He has for your life. It is up to you to take the time to listen. It is up to you to start taking that time with God. Alone, not those moments where you say, "oh yeah, hi God, can you help me today?" and go on with your own life. He wants to meet with you, in your prayer closet. In your secret place where you can be found. He wants to share with you all he has for your life. Are you going to let him in? Are you going to let Him show you?

If you don't know how, I encourage you to contact me, talk to your minister of your local church, a prayer partner, or someone, to help you walk along with God, to show you how to find His presence. Find your presence with God, learn to commune with Him. YOU will NEVER be the same again. That is for sure!