About Momma J

Evangelist Janet Clausen, known affectionately by many as Momma J, is a wife, mother, pastor and advocate for youth, women, and to parents all over the country.

Her passion for youth and parents facing the social issues of our time, has driven her to want to do more, and is reaching out, to all who will listen and allow her to speak out against these things that are bringing our youth to their knees. She also has a desire to see parents and other adults to learn how to be there as Mentors, as Role Models, and a Beacon to the youth, to help them through these trying times, to help them see that there is more than just THIS... but that they have worth, value, and that they can rise above their circumstances, to be more than they ever believed possible.

Born in Anderson, Indiana into a ministering family, her parents first and sole desire for all five of their children was that each one would accept Christ as their Savior and that they each would bring their family into ministry for the Lord. Janet followed in their footsteps, but not till after many struggles and temptations standing in her way from the beginning and through her young adult life.

Now, Momma J is a full-time mom not only to her three great kids, but to all their friends as well. God has many plans for their lives and she prays that she can spend her time teaching, mentoring, praying, and seeking God's will through it all. She has developed several programs for youth revivals, rallies, and also woman's seminars to speak out, to be a help and source to all, and to show these kids that they are loved, prayed for, and that there is someone who is reaching out to them while they feel like they are slipping away.

Momma "J" is an Loving and Caring Motivator for the Lord, she loves to share her love for the Lord in various ways whether in life or on a pulpit, stage or platform. She shares her passion through music as a singer, and through her words of wit and wisdom through life's funny experiences and through the Word of God, as a speaker, and evangelist in her area, through out Indiana and other states as well.

She is available to speak for services, revivals, mother and daughter activities as well as other events in your church or communities. If you would like to contact her for an event please feel free to call the number below or contact her via email and she will be happy to come share all God has given her to share with you.

Living Sacrifice Ministries
C/O Pastor "J" (Janet) Clausen
P.O. Box 2643
Anderson, IN 46018
Office: 765-298-9015
To contact Directly:
Email: LivingSacrifice2003@gmail.com