Thursday, March 22, 2012

What Will Your Answer Be?

Why do you do the things you do? Why do you stand for what you stand for in your life? How do you know what direction to go or what job to take? What is it in your life, that makes you so sure of anything you have ever trusted in, decided on, or standards and morals to live by? Can you answer that for yourself? Do you even know?

When someone questions your boundaries, questions your standards or code of conduct you live by, what do you do? Do you question them yourself, do you stand up and defend them for all they are worth to you, or are you silent? Do you care that others don't agree with your lifestyle? Do you care that they do agree with it? Does it make a difference to you when you are being questioned, or do you welcome the opportunity to stand for your beliefs, stand for your morals, character, and faith? Where do you stand? What is it you stand on? If  you don't know what you believe or where you stand right now, are you searching, or does that part of life even matter to you yet?

When you stand before God, what will your answer be? When God calls you home, calls your name and you stand before Him on the day of Judgment, what is going to be your answer to Him? What would most people say your answer, your stand, or how you lived your life? Will they say it was carefree, you didn't have any sort of beliefs, that you lived your life to the fullest and other's beliefs and convictions were not important to you? Would they say, outwardly, he was a blast, fun to be with, she was amazing, always a girl "up for anything" and didn't care about the consequences, or would they say, "oh, that is a true child of God. They knew how to stand up and be counted, you knew whether they were talking or just there, that their mind was always on the things of the Lord, that they lived, heart and soul for God's purpose, for advancing the kingdom and loved others well." is this what they would say?

What do you want their answer to be? What do you want YOUR answer to God to be? I love you Lord, I lived for you every day of my life, outside, AND INSIDE my house! Are you able to say, "I lived for you no matter what the cost, and you gave me strength to make it through each day, you have given me so much, that the only thing I could give back to you, MY GOD, was me, myself, Inside and OUT! Wholly and Holy for YOU!"

When Christ was sitting with His disciples He asked them, "who do men say that I am?" they were able to tell them a lot of answers, teacher, prophet, and many others, but when He said, "Who do YOU say that I am?" Peter answered, "thou are the Christ, Son of the Living God." Jesus knew that in Peter's heart, that he could not have known that without God revealing that to Him personally. He even told Peter just that, that the only way he would have known was through God's revelation to him in his heart. That is when Christ told Him, YOU ARE A ROCK, upon this ROCK I will build my church." Christ needed to leave someone in charge, but could only leave the one who could be still and listen to God. Listen to what the Spirit would tell and show him in his own life as well as in the life of the other men and women he would meet in his lifetime.

Peter was strong in the Lord, in the presence of the Lord, but showed that he did not have strength alone without Christ by His side. Until the day of Pentecost, when the Holy Spirit came down and filled each one of the disciples with his strength and might. He received POWER by the Holy Ghost (Dynamos = we get Dynamite) and he literally became "Walking Dynamite" for God. He gave him so much boldness after that, so when it came to standing up for the Lord, Walking in Faith, Standing in the Crowd and saying "Yes, I am HIS!" Peter could do it.

Do you have this power to stand for God? Do you have the Holy Spirit ready to rise up in you and shake the earth with His word and In HIS POWER? You can today. Ask Him In. Ask Christ to live in Your live, to take control. Even if you have already been saved, you can call on God, tell Him you want HOLY BOLDNESS for Him. The Holy Spirit is already living in side of you, Peter told everyone in Col. 2:10, "You are complete in Him..." You already have it, it is there, inside of you. You have to make it real, ask God to help you grow and lean on Him. Learn to line up your mind and soul with your spirit, by renewing your mind, Romans 12:2 and living for God, day in and day out. Read your bible, pray without ceasing, and fellowship with other believers that will walk and talk with you, strengthen you and help you to Grow in God. You can do it, I know you can. Most of All, God KNOWS YOU CAN DO IT!!!

What will your answer be???