Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Praying Wives Have Power!

Do you pray for your husband everyday? Do you ask God to bless him? Do you ask God to hold him, give you strength to encourage him? Do you ask God to anoint him? Do you ask God to give you a love for him beyond compare?

If you don't You Should. Why? I know as a woman you are thinking... "Wait a minute, just hold on here, you don't know nothing about me, you don't know how things are in our home. I am not the one that needs changing!" then through prayer you may find out that the Holy Spirit has been working on You or both of you for quite some time. In this one simple prayer for your husband may be the key to changing things for the better. You are thinking, "Yes, I will pray for my husband, I will ask God to change him. He is the one that makes mistakes, he is hateful, he says he loves me and he loves God, but I just don't know where his head or heart is anymore. I am not the problem, it can't possibly be me."

I can tell you from experience, and this is not easy for me to say because I was a HUGE proponent of female independence, doing things on my own and being in complete control of everything, but ONLY GOD, can put together, keep, and save any marriage. I didn't believe that marriage was all they said it was, the husband first, the wife in submission to Him and to God, and sitting around waiting for him to make the decisions, to hear from God and wait to see how things would work out between the two of them. I wanted to be the one in control, I would be the one to fix everything. If God couldn't do it through me, I would do it for my family without them both! He can be here if he wants, but NO ONE is going to control what happens to me and my kids. That was me, that was my attitude, and unfortunately we paid a terrible price for my disobedience and unsubmissiveness to GOD, not just my husband, but I threw God in under the bus too.

To be honest and totally frank with you, I have never seen a marriage that took only one person to manage and was completely perfect in the relationship. Marriage takes three, to be successful, it takes You and Your spouse of course, it takes WORK, and it takes God, our father, to give you and your spouse a love and desire to serve, love, protect, communicate, and submit to one another on a daily basis.

God put you two together for a reason, for His purpose and calling and He is the ONLY way you can keep your marriage pure, holy, separated for His service and for your marriage to be renewed everyday. From personal experience, I am saying this from my heart. God can give you a love for your husband that you cannot ever imagine. He can put a fire in your heart and mind renewing it everyday, when you allow Him to be apart of your marriage.

Praying for your spouse is your way of loving your spouse into the Kingdom of God if he is not a child yet. If he is, than this is a way to ask God to be with him, strengthen him, comfort and keep him when he is away from your home, away from you and in God's care. It is a way for you to show God how you love your spouse above and beyond yourself and it will show you that you are not your own anymore. I know that this is the way that God comes in and changes your heart and life, renewing a love in you that you would not ever believe would be possible for your husband, and for God Himself. This will also show you more secrets into a Kingdom Marriage than you will ever imagine. Then you'll find the deeper you fall for your Husband, it will give you a renewed heart, mind, and love for God that you have never known. It will change you, and in changing you it will change your spouse, your marriage, your family, and your life! 

This is a sample of the Prayer I Pray each day…  

Bless Robert Lord, as He is concentrating on your service and ministry. He loves you and wants nothing more than to be your child, your servant, and bring others to know you more. He is a wonderful husband, father and leader to our home, and a strong example to others he sees and knows.

Bless and Anoint Robert in everything he touches, All his works for you, in ALL he says and does in worship and praise to you.

I pray you bless and keep Him close to Your Heart, remember Him in every way. Not just today, but everyday. Thank you for this man you have put into my life, this one you have given me to pray for, to care for, to encourage and to love.