Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Mother's Love Never Fails

"Her Children arise up, and call her blessed:" Prov. 31:28a

I read a question on a moms' social network page the other day, a mother had thrown her son out of the house at 18 yrs old. Apparently until the past year he had been a really great kid, excelling at everything, respectful to his parents, and had no problems that the parents knew of at the time. Then over this past year he started getting into trouble, she found out he had thrown a party at her house while she was gone, he was now smoking, drinking and doing drugs. When she and her ex husband sat down to talk to him about this issue, to offer him help, to give him ultimatums he got mad and cursed at her, called her every name in the book he could think of, and some she had never thought of before, and standing over her, she finally told him to move out, that this was the last chance and he blew it. She wanted some advice from other moms on how she should handle this. Then she said, "I don't think I will ever be able to forgive him for what he said to me and the names he called me. They just hurt so bad and I can't get them out of my mind."

This is a good sight for moms, for the most part, but not all the mothers that post are Christians, so not many of the answers were faith based. I was saddened on how many people can tell a mother to write off her own child. To turn her back, that she don't have to forgive, until she is ready and until he comes to his senses. I have found so many mothers in today's society, that have found this ability to turn their back, hearts, and lives on their own children. They are able to just walk away and not think a thing about it.

The bible says that the mothers are so important in their children's lives. They are to train the young women, girls how to grow up as a child of God, as a Godly woman, to train them how to be a Godly mother, Godly wife, and Homemaker to their family. We are to teach our children to pray, to read the word of God and to live by the scriptures. If we don't, NO ONE ELSE WILL. It is a mother's love that gets the soldier through the hard times during battle. It is a mother's encouragement to a young girl being bullied by the "mean girls" at school to go on, because they are more beautiful and better than what is being said. It is the mother that teacher her children that words hurt, no matter how bad you feel, you should speak kindness to others. And it is mother's steadfastness that teaches her children that no matter what the fight, what the struggle, how bad the relationship gets, we need to stand up for God and stay the course, not give up and walk away, to be the best spouse you can be. And through the mother's example, the family, each individual will want to know more about the God she serves. 2Tim 3 says the husband is won to the Lord through the wife's testimony, it is the same for the child.

God made mothers to love unconditionally. He wants them, no matter what the test, trial, hurt they endure, they are supposed to show the love of God, that unconditional, I don't care what you do, I'm gonna love you anyway type of love. That love that shows a child, no matter what happens in life, I will always be there. We wipe away their tears, fix the hurts and bruises on their knees, their elbows, and their hearts. We tell them another love will come. They show that child that no matter how someone treats you, forgive, not for them, but for yourself. You can't hold on to the pain and hurt of what a child says when they are hurting. You cannot hold that against them. Number 1 it isn't in a mother's inherent nature to be able to turn your backs, it wasn't designed of God to be able to walk away.

Mother's are to show the same type of Love, much like the love of Christ, though he is rejected so many times, by you, by me, by others, he keeps on loving us, no matter what. He shows us love and keeps forgiving you, over and over again. Forgiveness isn't about healing for the person who did the hurting, forgiveness is for the person who was hurt. You take the power back, that was taken from you when the attacks on your heart began. It gives your heart the power to heal and to be able to say, "I love you son, I know you are hurting and the words you said were harsh, but I know your mind is in another place, and the drugs and alcohol is where those hurtful words came from, not from what you really feel. I forgive you." Even if he isn't ready to forgive himself, you must be able to restore that relationship. He needs you. He needs your heart. He needs his mommy.

I pray for you today, I pray that you will be that mother when your children look back through their childhood and life and says, "that woman was incredible to me. She did above and beyond I could ever imagine and she enriched my life more than I ever knew. She blessed my heart and life.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Vision of a Heavenly Father

We have come into the season for Father's Day, and as we are all so thankful for our Fathers here on earth, there are so many people, children who are going through life with an absentee father. Some never knew their fathers or what they were like, others had a father for a time, then he was gone. Our children are growing up in a generation without a Father in their lives to show them how to love, to show them care, or to take responsibility for their children and home.

Our children are falling into trouble on every hand, no matter how hard their Mothers struggle to keep them on the right track, they love unconditionally every day, they are there no matter what, and when all is said and done, it is the Mothers who are there to pick up the pieces and wipe the tears away when the child is hurting and struggling from the desire to see, get to know or have their fathers around. No matter how much they want to, Mothers can't make the hurt go away, they can't help them through, and then they are the ones that take the brunt of the anger from these children who are missing their fathers. God knew this would be the case, and He gave women the special grace to be able to carry this heavy load, but it is still so hard to watch your child hurt so much and not be able to do anything about it at all.

Statistics show that a home without the father present girls become sexually promiscuous sooner and more radically, than a home with a father living in their home and enriching their lives. They find boys are more likely to join gangs and partake in violent crimes, spend more time in jail and in the juvenile systems than boys who have a father present to show them how to be a man, show them love and give them a sense of belonging. Sometimes our society looks at this as if we are losing an ever changing, ever struggling battle, and there is no way to come out on top for our children.

Our Churches see the problem, we get the children when they are small, and we can talk about the love of Jesus and How he lived, bled and died for our sins, and rose again to live in heaven and make a way for us to have an eternity in Heaven some day. When they are small, and you can share the Bible stories with them, they sometimes will listen and it seems like they are catching on. Then as they grow, they begin to really notice what is missing at home, they become more angry, their friends are different in school than the ones at church, and they begin to notice there are more kids at school without parents they can turn to, sort of like a secret society, and only those kids know how they "really feel" so they pull more and more away from family and the church.

Then, when they are at church they hear the teachers and the preacher speak of a Heavenly Father, they have no idea what the pastor is talking about. Who is that and what does that work for us here on earth, they wonder  who He is, and they have serious trouble believing that this Heavenly Father can truly exist. How can someone, a "Heavenly Father" love you unconditionally? How can He never leave nor forsake you? How can He know your heart, mind and soul? He hasn't been here with them, He doesn't come down and see them face to face and spend time with them, How can a Heavenly Father do all those things for me, or stick around, because their own earthly father left them, they were told that parents love their kids unconditionally and Daddy left, so how can anyone else say they love that way and stick around? To these children, it can't possibly be true, because they have no clue or vision of an earthy father that would do those things to gauge it by in their own lives.

The Bible said that Our Heavenly Father, sent His own son into the world, to save the world, that they would have eternal life and escape condemnation. He loves us because He created us, He loves us because He can. He has had the opportunity to destroy everything on this earth and start all over, which He did once already, but He wants us to have the opportunity to get to know Him. To see His love. To see what He can do in our lives, and how we can love Him too. God loves us with every fiber of His being. His love is unconditional, in that no matter what we do, where we go, what we say or how we act, He will love us,  accept us, and forgive us, always. He is forever making a way for us to get to heaven.

Thank you Father for giving us this love, for creating us and for showing us the way to Heaven. Help us to be able to reach out to our children in this community and others to show them your love, and what it means to have a Heavenly Father and help them to heal the hurt of the loss of an earthly father that could have pointed the way to you. Help us to be that light, that beacon for all to see you. AMEN.

Happy Father's Day Lord, I love YOU!